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 Sunday, 31 May 2009
Back to Bangalore, Back to Work, Back to the Gym: A ‘Make Do’ workout

So I’ve been horribly slack over the past two weeks. First I was sick. Then I was on holiday.

I managed a measly 36 minutes of exercise week of the 18th and I’ve managed just 2hr this week (week of 25th). But, I am back in action again as of this morning.

I’m back in Bangalore running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Action Training Tour event. I’d never been tin India before the start of this year- this is now my 4th trip. Gets a little exhausting, SQ502 (the flight SIN-BLR) has to be my least favourite flight in the entire world and last night they put me 4 rows from the back in a middle seat… I was not happy.

But, that was yesterday. Got back to the gym this morning. Staying at the Monarch Luxur hotel, which despite being a ‘Jewel in the crown’ of The Monarch Group is what can only be described as a ‘good value’ establishment. The rooms are not too bad, once you flush the Naphthalene balls they leave everywhere, but the gym is a bit average.

So my workout today was very much a make do sort of workout. So here are a few tips for a make-do workout.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try a new piece of cardio gear.
    I used the rather decrepit recumbent bike here to good effect today: in fact I think I’ll try for a full on Cardio session on Tuesday morning using this machine.
  2. If there’s not enough weight on a particular machine then go unilateral and explosive.
    Today was leg day and the legpress machine here (part of one of those all in one Gym things) had a very limited weight stack. So it was a case of racking the entire stack and then doing unilateral (one leg at a time), high pace (explosive), high rep (15 per side +) exercises. Makes for a hybrid cardio/strength workout. Wouldn’t want to do it every week as it’s liable to consume a bit of muscle mass but for a first week back it was great.
  3. Use body weight exercises
    As above, you can get a good cardio/strength hybrid by using body weight. In my case this was bench step-ups. The bench here was nice and high which made this a good challenge and it was a good balance test as well.

Polar screenshot for the day

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 Monday, 18 May 2009
Struggling to make time to exercise

So once again, travel is getting in the way of fitness. Was in Sydney over the weekend and while I managed to get an 8km walk (and a 50m swimming race) in with Adam Cogan over the weekend I’ve not done a decent road ride for a week.

Got back from Sydney last night at midnight and on the plane to Dunedin again this morning then Dunedin to Hamilton tomorrow. Oh happy joy!

I did get a morning boxing workout in with Scott @ Les Mills on the Terrace this morning. My 3rd since I got back into it and my fitness is definitely improving.


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 Thursday, 14 May 2009
The Making of our 48 Hour Film – All shot on the Canon 5D MkII

Roger Wong one of the people on our 48 Hour Film Comp team has posted up some behind the scenes photos. One of the things about shooting a full film with 5D MkII cameras is you inevitably end up with some great photos too.

We’re not allowed to post the video online until the finalists are announced. But I promise I’ll get it up here ASAP after that. Currently we only have a Standard Definition (stupid rules) cut but we’re hoping to remaster it in full HD too.

You might recognize ‘Dr Phil’ from 22 seconds into the new Air New Zealand Advert. What a tough job!

Horst and Carlos, our erstwhile directors.

D. McG. who composed our original score.

Collaborative editing.

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 Tuesday, 12 May 2009
Recovery Aerobic Session at the Gym

Did a recovery aerobic session at the gym today. On the RedEye SIN-SYD tonight so will probably try and bang out a decent length session on the spin bike tomorrow. Note to frequent travellers: The Intercontinental in Sydney has proper Spin bikes in their gym.


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 Sunday, 10 May 2009
Upper Body Workout Today: Isolateral Cable Exercises the Key

So I did upper body this morning at the Gym here in Singapore:


10 Min on the Elliptical and then into it.

Tried the old trick of pre-exhaustion through isolation exercises; namely  dumbell chest flys to start. As the heart rate chart shows, not the best. So instead I did a chest pre-exhaustion using isolateral cable flys (those are the BIG peaks in the first bit of my weights routine on the chart). An all together much better idea- the reason, cable machines give you resistance throughout the movement whereas in a standard chest fly the last part of the movement is basically at full extension and the weights just doing nothing.

An easy session on the bike again tonight.

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Travel Essentials: The Hotel Area Network

All hotels these days will give you an Internet connection of some sort. ironically the most expensive hotels will charge you an arm and a leg for it and the cheapest with often throw it in for free.

For uber-tech-geek travellers there is a bit of a problem though- it’s often hard to use the hotel internet when you’ve got multiple devices. Often they’ll lock your ‘purchase’ to a single MAC address and this means one machine and one machine only. Not ideal and the workar9unds such as MAC address spoofing are equally shitty- you can’t have more than one machine connected at a time.

My solution is to take a Wireless Travel router.


I have a Linksys WRT54GC.

Really useful and well worth doing. I can now run multiple laptops either wired or wireless and my iPhone all off the one hotel internet purchase.

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 Saturday, 09 May 2009
Solid Session on the Lifecycle in Singapore

Arrived in Singapore last night. Here for a few days running the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Action Training Tour.

I ummed and ahhed about bringing my road bike this time… But in the end I couldn’t be bothered.

Nevertheless I needed to get some miles into the legs this morning so it was onto the Lifecycle for an hour. I did a Training Effect of 4.8 out of 5 on my Suunto T3c which was the highest I’ve had it yet. I decided to leave getting to 5.0 for another day. 34% in my top zone was all good. Obviously the Lifecycle doesn’t give me enough data to feed to WKO+. The stats I worked to were approx 270 Watts at 110-120 RPM.

image  image

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My Blog Ro9ll as an OPML File

So I needed to get this onto my iPhone. Thought the best way was to stick it up here and then others can take a look at it too if they want.

Blog Roll

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 Tuesday, 05 May 2009
Morning Masochism – Braving the rain on the Road Bike

So my morning bike ride today was an on again off again affair. An early morning tweet from @nathanm kinda leant me towards going to the gym instead. But looking outside (despite the thunderstorm) it didn’t look too bad.

Headed out around the bays but it was a nasty southerly. In the end I just ended up doing some hill repeats on Mt Victoria. Forgot to change my Polar x625x to bike mode so no power/speed/cadence in my chart today which is a bit annoying.

image   image

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Hmmm…. Jade 6.3 looks to have better .NET Support

I’ve always found Jade to be an interesting beast- though admittedly only ever from afar. Object databases always showed some promise yet never really went uber-mainstream- whether that was a result of any inherent weakness, lack of appropriate developer skills or bully boy behaviour by big RDBMS players who knows. Jade would certainly be one one the the bigger players in the space though and as a Kiwi tech guy it’s always nice to see local firms doing well. I’ve certainly come up against Jade systems in previous bids and I know a number of our customers have Jade applications running in-house.

The announcement (for all it's technical brevity) looks to indicate that it’s going to be a bunch easier for those of us in the .NET world to wire up our applications into a Jade system. I’m picking in the past we probably had to thunk through something nasty like either an unmanaged API or an ODBC layer which, given the idea of an OODBMS doesn’t really deliver the ideal experience.

It’s certainly something that’s going to be interesting to discuss with some of our existing customers. Being able to wire up Jade based back end (I hesitate to call them ‘legacy’ even though I want to) systems to next gen front end apps written in WPF and.or Silverlight could make for some exciting projects.

Pity that their developer license doesn’t really let it compete with SQL Express in the ‘no-cost’ end of the market. The license does not allow any commercial use.

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 Thursday, 30 April 2009
Blitzing workout this morning at the Gym

So I had a totally on-again off-again morning today. I was planning to go for a road ride, but, it was raining so I ended up hitting the gym for 50 mins on the lifecycle at about 260-320 Watts doing speed drills. Great hardcore workout. Training effect of 4.6/5 on the Suunto.


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