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 Wednesday, 24 May 2006
Holy Smokeballs Batman... We Have Live.Local.Com

There is now a *little* bit of New Zealand data available on

Still no street names for all the streets... but we're getting there.

There is also now a lugin for Outlook. that looks quite snazzy.

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 Tuesday, 23 May 2006
Office Beta.... the download experience

Well. I've got Vista coming down at the moment.
About 7GB worth as I want the 64 bit version for my Ferrari and the 32 bit versions for my other machines.

The Office Beta uses some download client.

Be warned- it gives dodgy error messages.

'The email address is invalid'

actually means

'There is so much trafic hitting the server that I can't log you in... but I'm going to give you a dumb error like cannot find user account just so you have to go through the pain of going back to the sign up website... which is also getting hammered....'

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Booze, Bikes, BBQ and Dogfood....

OK... who's keen for a bit of a dogfood install fest this weekend?

We could combine some beers, a BBQ and some mountain biking for a cool afternoon.

Get a few people around to my house and we'll all go through and switch our machines from smelly old XP to shiny new Vista, all the while drinking fine New Zealand beer. Then while the installs are humming away we canall take off to Makara for a bit of Mountain Biking.

Anyone keen? Comment here of email me


OK. It'll be at my place from 1300hrs on Saturday.

We'll do some installing. Then do some mountainbiking.
Your bike
Your laptop PC
Your external HDD if you need to.
Your Office and Vista product keys so you can activate your Beta
A towel and a clean change of clothes (if going biking)
Some beer

We'll all go to the supermarket after the ride for some BBQ goodies and then we may watch the Super 14 final as well :-)


Takers so far

Nic Wise
Nick Head
Phil Cockfield
Chris Auld
Tim Haines (doing a VPC install)
Ivan Towlson (Office only)

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This Weekend Is Dogfood Weekend.....

DarrylB has blogged about all the new Betas being available.

I kinda knew this announcement was coming and so I've been geting organised for a Massive Dogfooding Weekend.

I'm going to make the switch from XP/Office 2003 to Vista and Office 12.

It's gonna be excitng and a bit scary.

I'll probably also lok at switching my Tablet PC to Vista and my Media Center PC to Vista really soon too.

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Broadly available VOIP coming for NZ

We use VOIP for all our commnications at home. We run through our Asterisk server @ work.

Not really something you'd expect most peopole to be able to do.

Now we've got something more exciting o the horizon.

From Techpac this morning...

Get 6 devices in one:

• ADSL2 Modem
• Router w/ Firewall
• Wireless-G Access Point
• VPN Concentrator
• 4-Port Switch
• 2-Line VoIP adapter

Plus it includes instructions on how to pre-register your router for a local NZ regional phone number and VoIP service – submit your details now and your router will be ready for an exciting new voice service due for launch in July!

Guess I'll be looking at getting one. Hopefully it'll just work with any SIP or IAX VOIP service.

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 Thursday, 18 May 2006
Unleash The Fury

Peter Jones of sometimes Dot Net User Group has launched a new more politically oriented Blog site.


“Vent is here to help.  Use it to have a random rant.  Blow off some steam and get it out of your system.  Send a warning to others.  Enlist an army to take on the ‘system’.  Let people know where you have had bad service, seen a crappy over-hyped movie, witnessed some road rage… whatever you like.   Things may not change but you’ll feel a lot better for it.”

Looks like it's gonna be a hoot.

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Project Orange

Microsoft are starting to make some announcements around WinFS.

J'Fo has the details on Project Orange, what looks to be the next super duper version of Explorer, here.

Sounds an awful lot like some of the ideas from Alex James with his XTend and Base4 projects.

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 Thursday, 11 May 2006
How to get owned....

Ever seen a REALLY nasty SQL Injection attack in action.

Check this out.

Includes a demonstration of how to script an SQL injection attack to do a bitwise determination of any field in the vulnerable database too.

This is MUST WATCH material.

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 Sunday, 07 May 2006
Mud Glorious Mud

Phil, Tim and I went for a MTB ride @ Makara on Saturday afternoon. Had a blast.

Went up Koru, along Sally Alley, out onto the 4WD track then down the bottom of Ridgeline and Swigg. It was a pretty leisurely pace but we all had a hoot of a time and got filthy muddy.

Here's the profile of the ride- I really have to get myself a watch like Darryl B's... So it can talk to a wheel sensor.

If you're keento come on any of our rises do et us know!. Phil has some photos here.

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 Saturday, 06 May 2006
Why unbundling is a really stupid idea.

So the govt. has announced that they will unbundle the local loop. For those non techies among you what this means is that organizations other than Telecom NZ will be able to place equipment in Telecom's phone exchanges and plug the copper wires that run to your house into their own equipment.

The argument for doing this is that it will encourage more investment in broadband in New Zealand- that it will, but, it will be utterly the wrong type of investment.

I really fail to see how having 3rd parties spend millions of dollars putting their own DSLAMs into the exchanges can be considered good use of the limited pool of broadband investment dollars in this country.

The primary issues with Telecom and ADLS at the moment are

  1. Backhaul capacity (Easy to regulate a fix)
  2. Requirement to have a voice phone line to use ADSL.
    This is really a the primary block to competition in the local lines market. Let people have broadband without a phone line and you'll see heaps of new VOIP based local line providers pop up. (Easy to regulate)
  3. Connection service times, price etc.... all easily regulated

It seems REALLY stupid to me that we're going to have what limited capital resources we have in New Zealand being spent on duplicating what is perfectly functional hardware in the exchanges. We should be finding ways to encourage investment in new infrastructure- the stuff that will be replacing copper phone lines. ULL does just the opposite. We want people to invest in laying fiber, deploying wimax etc... not putting more DSLAMs into phone exchanges

Most of the rest of the package seems great- things like preventing predatory pricing etc....FWIW: I am not a customer of Telecom NZ and have not been for a long time. I have a TelstraClear Cable Internet connection at home. No phone line and use FX networks to provide VOIP telephones for my Wellington office.
As of yesterday afternoon @ $4.73 my company is a shareholder in Telecom NZ. A 14% odd dividend yield from an NZ Blue Chip is just too good to pass up.

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 Friday, 05 May 2006
Eureka... I made it to 100kg...

Managed my first sub 100kg weigh in this morning.

Actually a bit surprised as I've had this week off exercise as I'm sick as a dog with some viral cough thing... driving me insane.

So I got onto the scales this morning expecting something ike 102kg and came it @ 99.8. I'm pretty stoked really!

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 Monday, 01 May 2006

After reviewing the videographic evidence it has been determined that Tim owes me lunch :-)

We'll both be sure to blog pics and a follow up to what I'm sure will be lively lunchtime discussion....

Tim- I suggest we do Japanese- Sakura maybe?

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