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 Monday, 17 April 2006
Thou Shalt Always Check The Mobile Carrier While Roaming

Looked at my mobile bill last month and there was a $64 10 minute call from Aus to NZ......

Yes... that is like $6 per minute.... from Australia!

Turns out my phone had decided to roam on Optus instead of Vodafone for that call.

While AU-NZ on Vodafone AUS is $.49/min making the same call on Optus or Telstra is a mind numbing $6 odd per minute!.

Moral of the story is work out how to show the carrier name on your mobile... and make sure you look before you leap!

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 Wednesday, 12 April 2006
Avis Kicks Ass

Just organised a car with Avis- I'm in BNE for the day next Thursday. Not only were they about 30% cheaper than Budget, my usual rental place, but once I completed the booking they had a link to download a vCal... that just ROCKS- that's what I call trying harder :-)

I'll be a happy repeat customer from here on in!

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 Monday, 10 April 2006
SQL Server Everywhere....

Ok.. sone under NDA I've known about the Desktop availability of SQl mobile for quite a while.

It was announced in the wild this week. Steve Lasker has a great Q&A on his blog...


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 Friday, 07 April 2006
TVNZ To GO Digital

Media company CanWest MediaWorks (NZ) Ltd. (MWL.NZ) said Friday
it has reached an agreement with two other broadcasting networks to deliver free-to-air
satellite-based digital television services in New Zealand. 
  The New Zealand-based company, which is 70% owned by Canada's largest media group
CanWest Global Communications Corp. (CWG), said it has agreed with Broadcast
Communications Ltd. and Television New Zealand to negotiate the installation of a full
transponder on the Optus D1 satellite. 

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Is Gym the New Religion?

I read a great article over summer in NZ Fitness magazine called something like “Is Gym the New Religion”... basically talking about how for broadly secular NZ going to gym is becoming the place where we socialise and 'worship' these days....

Of course in the USA it's all a bit different as Casey points out.

“my home gym is a YMCA, and they are getting all god'ed up for spring”

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 Wednesday, 05 April 2006
Apple to Officially Support XP on Mac Hardware


Buy Apple stock now!

This is great news!
Get the goodies here:

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 Monday, 03 April 2006
A Great Little Comedy Song

 If You're A Gamer You Need To Watch- especially if you have a wife....

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It's sooo much fun, everyone should get to do it...

It's tax time again... *joy*.... which means I get to log into internet banking and send exorbitant sums to the revenue. Sums for which I, personally, actually receive little to no direct benefit from.

Most people get their tax whisked out of their pay packet (in a process called PAYE which is basically funded/subsidised by employers) silently each pay round. This means they never really get to face the true horror of having to send the government their hard earned cash.

I think this should be changed- I think that everybody should get the chance to feel the pain of pressing that button and watching their money siphon off into the Government coffers.

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 Monday, 27 March 2006
Spandex is a Privilege Not A Right

There is this old lady @ my gym who wears entirely nasty gym gears... then I found ths picture in a shop in the Venetian in Vegas... I sooo thought of her. I've attached some of the other cool poster pics too.



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My Trip to North Dakota

So I sent Friday night and Saturday morning in Grand Forks, ND. I was visitig a custer and we went out Friday night t watch some COllege Hockey. It is amazing how much Americans are 'into' their College sport. Grnad Forks (popn. about 50k) has a $120 million Hockey Stadium. My customer has season tickets, front row right behid the goal.

We had a real blast. It was the finals for the Western Region.

1st game was Holy Cross vs University of Minnesota (the Gophers). THe Gophers were higly rated but were beaten in extra time. THis was like North Otago beating Auckland for the Ranfurly Shield. Of curse, North Dakotans are not great fans of the Gophers so the stadium went totally nuts.

2nd game was the home side, the might Sioux playing Michigan. They thrashed them.

Here are some photos and videos of the game.


The stadium


The Cheerleading Skating Chicks With Nice Legs.... and the inside of the stadium

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LVM Founder Killed

I trotted off to the LVM site to get myself some 'oh I hate travelling' whitewater fix video... I get there and find that one of the key guys behind Penstock Productions, Daniel DeLaVergne, was killed by a train (8 March). I've only known Daniel via email... but this is a real bummer- one of those nasty twists of fate.

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 Saturday, 25 March 2006
Ya Know That Welfare Advertisment....

The one where the family are shacked up in he plush house txting each other n their mobiles because they're too busy listening to their iPods and too fat and lazy to walk across the room?

Well... the house is a $700k+ plus in Epsom and that lovely stainless fridge in the background is worth over $4000. Yes, we have truely entered the age of 'Welfare for Everyone'.

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