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 Wednesday, 17 August 2005
National Campaign TV Ad

OK... so you can watch the new National Party 'Southpark' TV add here.

It's pretty good.

For the non kiwis we used to have a thing in NZ called a 'Telethon' where they sang 'Thank You Very Much For Your Kind Donation'...


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The Oxford Debate

OK... so Russell Brown has managed to post the audio from the Lange Oxford Debate. Well worth listening to....

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 Friday, 12 August 2005
Wanna Spend Some Labour Party Money


Labour has a piss taking 0800 number setup...... now I'm assuming this isn't like the Working For Famalies Propoganda which was paid for by the taxpayer......

Anyway assuming it is not. I encourage you all to ring it from your mobile phone ('cos that costs them LOTS of money) at least once a day..... If we ca phone bomb this line enough we'll be sure to either

a) Get it pulled or;

b) Send the labour party broke....

I'd be happy with either....

For those with MS Smartphones let me know if you are interested in an autodialer... if there is enough demand I might write one so you can put your phone on the charger and leav it dialing 0800 DONBRASH all day....

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 Tuesday, 09 August 2005
I Have A New Gadget

OK.... so I have reached my first milestone!

Today, for the third weigh in in a row, I registered under 105kg- 104.2 to be exact.

As a result I have earnt my new gadget. Fortunatly my credit card billing period ticked over last night...... so I both deserved it and could afford to buy it!

Haven't had a good play with it yet... but look out for some nice charts of my progress on here real soon.

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 Monday, 08 August 2005
Vote For Me

NZ DNUG is having a blog voting comp.

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 Sunday, 07 August 2005
104.7 Again This Morning

Just one more sub 105kg weigh in and I can claim that I have reached my first goal :-)

Actually had a pretty average weekend- only got 3/4 of the way up Flagstaff on Sunday as it was Windy and Cold.

Did knock 30 seconds of my Mt Cargill time though- currently stands @ 44minutes and 58 seconds.

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 Friday, 05 August 2005
National Is Doing Media Right This Campaign...

First there were the billboard.... and now this 'Taxathon' pamphlet which is hilarious.


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 Thursday, 04 August 2005

Nuff said :-)

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Mobile Device Feature Database


Mobile Research Launches First of Its Kind Mobile Device Data Service

SEATTLE, WA (Aug. 3, 2005) - Mobile wireless tools and services provider Mobile Research today announced the launch of their "Mobile Device Database" service for the North American market.

The "Mobile Device Database" is the first commercially available solution that provides mobile developers and content publishers the data they need to address the problems associated with mobile device fragmentation. The "Mobile Device Database" is a comprehensive database of device data for each device on every major carrier. The "Mobile Device Database" contains over 500 data per device including supported APIs, media support, markup language tag support, WAP Push characteristics, messaging, and much more.

"Device specific information is crucial to developing mobile games and applications, formatting mobile media, providing customer support, and the delivery of mobile content in a mobile market where there over 100 unique models of mobile device available to subscribers at any given time" said David Adams, CEO of Mobile Research. The "Mobile Device Database" is launching initially for the North American market but will be expanding into European mobile markets this fall. The "Mobile Device Database" service is available on an annual subscription basis.

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 Wednesday, 03 August 2005
I Just Weighed In.....

...and I'm 105.1kg, a mere 100gms off my first target weight and thus almost able to get my first reward. Well, actually I'm making myself record 3 days under 105 before I'm claiming I've made it.....

1/2 way there..... 100kg here we come.

Gettin Fit|Wednesday, 03 August 2005 20:35:10 UTC|Comments [3]|    

Fabrique - Fine Imported Fabric and Wallpaper in New Zealand

My lovely interior designer cousin cousin, Anna Cuthbert (daughter of the other interior designing Cuthbert :-)), has just launched a business sourcing top grade fabrics and wallpapers for retail customers.

Anyway- if you want something a bit different or a bit classy :-) Take a look.

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