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 Monday, 21 February 2005
SHA1 Attack

Bruce Schneier has a detailed post on the recent cryptanalytic attack on SHA1.

It's still not an easy task... but they have significantly lowered the bar for brute force attack.

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A Suggestion for e-Bay

How about a link next to the expiry of an auction to allow me to add it to my Outlook calendar?

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 Sunday, 20 February 2005
What a cool photo

Check out this sweet pic of Stephen Wright Air Looping.... that is just such a cool shot!

stephen big loop 2

More @

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More Good Stuff on CodeRush

Sam Gentile wades into the vs.nET addin debate and throws out Resharper in favour of CodeRush.


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 Friday, 18 February 2005
In The Press....

We were in Computerworld this week with a wee case study on our project for the New Zealand National Poisons Center. This was a pretty full on project and it has some really smart technology in it- some of which we can't really talk about that much.

Big thanks to the team @ Kognition who worked on it- it was pretty hard yakka at times. Led by Nick Head, our illustrious CTO, the team was Jason McBratney, Simon 'Skip' Gardiner and myself.

From Left to Right..

Nick, Chris (Me), Jason, Skip... location. Out the front of our office door.

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 Thursday, 17 February 2005
Minister of Culture and Heritage

I'm all in agreement with The Right Honourable The Prime Minister with regard this John Farnham singing @ Anzac Cove. A bit insentive really.

But, what I think is also insensitive is for our Minister of Culture and Heritage to be so uncultured as to not know of, nor have ever heard music by probably the most famous popular artist of our nearest geographical neighbor. Talk about small minded!

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Microsoft Cares..... A Parents Guide To L33t Sp34k

Just stumbled across the coolest article ever on

How to speak l33t.....

“While it's important to respect your children's privacy, understanding what your teenager's online slang means and how to decipher it is important as you help guide their online experience. While it has many nicknames, information-age slang is commonly referred to as leetspeek, or leet for short. Leet (a vernacular form of "elite") is a specific type of computer slang where a user replaces regular letters with other keyboard characters to form words phonetically—creating the digital equivalent of pig Latin with a twist of hieroglyphics.”

Is this designed to help protect kids from the evils of the internet or what? It is quite a bizarre article really.

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 Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Mistress Dirtbag... of Twisted Radio Fame has her latest vibrator review up......

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Moving My Big Fat Ass..... Kayaking Kaituna River

Spent the weekend kayaking in Rotorua. Had a blast... been a while since I did much whitewater kayaking- I used to be a national representative and pretty competitive freestyle paddler, but work got in the way.

Caught up with one of my old friends Donald Calder who owns what has to be NZs best Kayak Shop- Sunspots Paddled the new Necky Orbit Fish which I reckon would be a KICK ASS boat on a wave, but probably a bit small for me in a hole, especially a little hole like that on the Kaituna. Thinking about a Jackson Super Star- had a sweet bottom hole session with Stephen Wright and Devon Barker from Jackson Kayak and Nat from Sunspots. Steve was throwing so many airloops it looked like childs play.

Defn. gonna get a bit more paddling under my belt this year. I wasn't actually too bad on the weekend- hit sweet lines on the main Kaituna Waterfall- first time I've run that river in over 4 years. And could still throw down half a dozen or so cartwheel ends with a split left to right.

Was fully clueless when they all started talking about Space Godzillas and Tricky Whu moves.

Also got out on my mountain bike last night for a good session down Signal Hill here in Dunners. Had to walk a couple of small sections and passed up on most of the big jumps and drop offs. But, still had a good time and it was sure better than watching TV.

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 Tuesday, 15 February 2005
Organic Stuff That's Really Bad For You

My gastronomics section was looking a little tired... so here's another hot tip for young players needing some extra cholestorol in their diet.

Cyclops Organic Sour Cream from Serra Foods. This IS THE BEST SOUR CREAM IN THE WORLD.

Now I usually keep away from organic stuff at the supermarket- it often has bugs and creepy crawlies on it- either from the natural environment or from being fondled by unwahsed dole bludging hippies while on the shelves. But, this sour cream is the business.....

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Te Wananga o Aotearoa - Fast 50 Material

DPF notes the amazing increase in funding for TWOA.

$8 million to $239 million over 5 years. Now my maths is a bit average... but I reckon that's about a compound  'revenue' growth rate of 234% per annum. That would be enough to put TWOA into the Deloitte Fast 50 every year since it started....

2001 - Rank 12=
2002 - Rank 12
2003 - Rank 30
2004 - Rank 24

I wonder if they'll be entering next year?

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 Monday, 14 February 2005
Nokia licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync


That's a VERY significant move. Let's hope it gives more revenue to the Exchange Active Sync team to make things better..... like adding tasks sync and follow up flag support...

Read all about it @ Geekzone

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 Sunday, 13 February 2005
Another Online .NET Course?

Sean has a post about someone looking for 'beginner' level content.

Last year we ran an introductory ASP.NET course via Live Meeting that went really well.... It was about 14 lectures delivered by speakers from around NZ and Australia... maybe we could do another one of those?

We did ASP.NET last year.... anyone got a prefered *broad* topic for this year? Post in the comments...

.NET|Sunday, 13 February 2005 20:36:54 UTC|Comments [0]|    

Mrs Macs Pies

Why is it that so many NZ dairies and service stations sell Mrs Macs Pies. If you've not had one yet they are nasty watery things made in Western Australia. In a country like NZ where we have small manufacturers making great meat pies we shouldn't have to be eating imported pies.

Those Goodman Fielder 'Irvines' Pies aren't much better.

Methinks that some of the fantastic 'small' bakeries around the place need to do a better job of marketing and distribution...


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