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 Tuesday, 21 June 2005
MSDN Regional Director.....

OK..... the flair post from last night was really harping back to some stuff that Rory was going on about earlier in the year.

I posted the new flair (logo) to the left last night to see if anyone noticed... which they didn't... but now I can announce good and proper.

Someone, well Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom (or generosity) has decided to let me wear a Regional Director hat for a period. Which is all really rather cool.

It's quite an intimidating group to be associated with though :-) Lots of names of people whose books I've read and looked up to when I was a little whipper snapper developer......

Anyway... it's all rather exciting. Will hopefuly give me more opportunities to work with the community and evangelise technology as I an want to do.

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