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 Sunday, 22 August 2004
Casey and the Toys He Covets

Lot's of peeps (incl Bill and Julia) are having kittens over CC's /tabletWeb article. Doesn't really do it for me to be honest (well not like his other articles do)- been living the smart client dream for too long now. The web is soooo last decade for LOB applications- and I don't see ink as a mass market web thing for a helluva long time yet).

But, Casey also posts on some other gadgets he is looking at playing with and it reads somewhat like my list at the momnt.

Media Center Edition - Tried it (got a nice eval pack from MVP summit) but couldn't get MCE to play nice with NZ TV freqs so moved my box to Beyond TV ( Love it! Couldn't live without it now. means I can cut the time it takes me to watch the 6pm news down to about 20 minutes... AND... I am no longer bound by the TV to be home @ 6pm. It is the complete shiznit!

Personal Media Center- Much like casey I don't want one till I can write code for it. I was kinda pissy when I found out from the PMC team that they were keeping it closed :-( Had visions of writing a cute little video editor to work with my Mini DV cam- pity they don't have firewire too...

SPOT - No SPOT coverage here in NZ (yet!?!) but that ain't gonna stop me getting one as soon as the SDK ships. What I really want is for the Suunto N6 to allow me to code against the HRM and Altimieter in managed code... man I could have some serious fun working something up with those and some mappoint foo.... *salivates* There is defn. an SDK coming though Casey! You should email me and I'll tell you who to talk to to make sure you get a copy!

Telematics- Computer in car... erm... I've ummed and ahhed about a computer MP3 plyer etc... for some time but haven't got the $$$ to justify it atm. Currently I just take my Tablet PC (Toughbook CF18) in and use that with my GPS.


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