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 Friday, 04 June 2004
A whole new category - Sacrilegion

I'm kicking through the comments on that post from Rory now... thought I ought to create a new category and post some of the funny shit I'm finding.... like this

The Internet was created by the United States of America - a Christian nation [ref. 1, 2, 3] - and should not be used to spread anti-Christian, secular, or non-Christian propaganda and hatespeech. This is our Internet, and we should exercise our position as its owners and as the guardians of civilization to stop its misuse.

*note to DARPA* Nuclear Weapons are the least of your worries... please rebuild the internet to be resistent to Religious Attack.....

Another great pisstake site- - home to the


From the comments by Jeremy Brayton ........

You cannot correctly guage a religion until you, yourself, have tried it.

From this I conclude that Religion is most different from sticking a fork in a light socket- something I sure as hell can guage without trying it...

I've had this notion to try to explain the Bible and existence in terms programmers can understand. I've started the post here:

Scientists experimented and proved the Bible correct. The Bible itself isn't a scientific journal, but it spoke of things that were later proven true.

Hmmm....... 'if you stick a fork in a live light socket it will hurt'... now is that a revelation of scientific or biblical proportions?



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