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 Monday, 02 March 2015
Finding your Fitbit… practical application of avalanche search technique

I lost my Fitbit this morning. Well; I knew what time I lost it to within 10 minutes. Thus I knew it was in my office. But, if you know me you`ll know that my home office is a `creative space` full of cables, wires, climbing ropes, puffy jackets, avalanche airbags, protein bars, clothes (clean and dirty), LPs and other assorted paraphernalia….

How then to find my Fitbit. it was time to recourse to my avalanche training.

First, I needed a beacon to search with. This consisted of an old Android phone with the “Bluetooth Signal” app from the Play store. This gave me the Relative Signal Strength indication value off the Bluetooth stack.

The real trick though is to perform the search as per an avalanche burial pinpoint search. Specifically it is critical to move the `beacon` only in a 2 dimensional plane and then also ensure that the `beacon` orientation does not change.

This video will show you how. 

Success! Found!

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