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 Saturday, 11 June 2005
Casey Has Some Stuff on Tech Ed Announcements....

“Architect Certification - has promise, but i don't ever see myself getting in. not that i've even been in the game long enough (7 years full time). but the real question is ... what about Ingo. he's a Solutions Architect MVP, but isn't he something like 25? would they make an exception?”

*nods*... I know others who are in the 'holding pattern' without quite the 10 years (I don't think... well they're not THAT old and grey yet)... 10 years as a pure architect is pretty tough....

MCE - moving into "20 new markets, making 30 countries and 17 languages by the end of 2005". sweet!

NZ should be one... I've gone back to Snapstream for the moment but NZ support might get me to shift back to MCE.

Visual Studio and SQL Server - release dates. ... i cant wait! Biztalk 2006 ... is somebody ever going to write a good Biztalk book? been interested in it since 2004 ... but all the books suck. plus the certification exam needs to be refreshed

Has he tried one of Scott Woodgates books?
It's gonna be cool... lots of cool new stuff in the BizTalk spce :-)

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