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 Tuesday, 18 April 2006

In a former life (when I actually had a life) I used to pay quite a bit of dance music off records such that the tracks blended togther really nicely*. I played at a few big outh Island parties including Main Stage on NYE @ Alpine Unity...

Anyway... time dictates I'm not doing as much of this any more. As a result I have kinda lost touch with the deep dark vibe that used to drive me. Fear not though as I have discovered which is basically a site for aspiring DJs. It seems to be frequented by a large number of fantastic Progressive House DJs (among other genres) and a lot of them are Ableton Live types which means the mixing is utterly flawles and the mastering is tight as... well, let's just say it's TIGHT!

So I've downloaded a few of the mixes from here already and they are REALLY rather good.

Currently listening to: V - Train / M357 and I highly recommend the download. A number of the trackas are available as Bit Torrents so if any of you Citylinkers are keen for a 100 megabit torrent-a-thon let me know.

*Yes... I know this is called 'DJing' but it's just so cliche to say 'I was a DJ'...

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