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 Wednesday, 26 February 2014
A Really Good Business Travel Insurance Policy

UPDATE: I am advised by the insurer that their wording is actually a bait and switch... that they actually meant to exclude all of these activities but they just forgot to put that in the policy wording (or some dross like that)... and that they are relying on your common law duty of disclosure to tell them about all these activities that they don't explicitly exclude (even though they exclude other activities explicitly and in some detail) so that they may then decline to make an offer of insurance. Well %*&%* 'em... better go and use the NZ Alpine Club insurance instead. Details here.

So I’ve put a few people onto this over the years and we struck up a conversation about it over on Twitter today.

For probably 10 years now I’ve been using ACE Insurance and their business policy. It is very comprehensive and, if you can get over the minimum days requirement, it is pretty damn cheap too. I’m not sure exactly what our details are now at Intergen as we do thousands of days now, but, when it was Kognition we got 100 days for about $700 a year. Pretty damn good.

Key reasons I like it:

  1. Few exclusions and no terrorism exclusion
  2. Good upper limits for electronics and camera gear
  3. VERY (and I mean VERY) broad coverage for sports and adventure sports. It only excludes professional sports, motor racing and flying in an aircraft not licensed to carry passengers (sorry hang gliders!)
    While I don’t propose to provide legal advice here are some of the things that are typically excluded that I believe will be covered*
    1. Off piste skiing
    2. Heli skiing
    3. Kite surfing
    4. Mountain biking
    5. Scuba diving including diving outside PADI recreational limits
    6. Mountaineering including climbing above 8000m

What’s not to love!

Anyway. Talk to your insurance broker. 

All the above is caveated that it is based on my current policy wording which may or may not be what you get Smile YMMV

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