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 Wednesday, 12 June 2013
So you’ve got a new Lenovo and you hate the ‘island keyboard’

So I’m a big Lenovo fan. I own and still use an x61t, x201t and an x301. I waited… and waited… and waited… for the Helix. And then I didn’t like it very much. Some were driver issues and some dumb design decisions* but mostly I hated the ergonomics of the new keyboard.

  1. It’s missing a Right Click Menu key. To me this is essential for mouse free work including things like fixing spelling mistakes in Word
  2. You can’t have the F-keys and the End key working at the same time

So. If you hate this too then here’s the fix.

Grab AutoHotkey then add these lines to your script.

; Remap PrintScreen to be the right hand context menu key
#PrintScreen::PrintScreen ;Print SCreen now requires Windows Modifier

;Remap End and Insert. Switch them around


* WTF does it not output +5v on the Keyboard USB ports when the power cable is plugged in but the slate is disconnected. Oh and why no +5v out when the machine is powered off.

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