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 Wednesday, 21 September 2011
Nice Cheap Helmet Cameras

So unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ll be aware of how rad helmet cams are for the adventure sports inclined amongst us. I held off buying one for quite a long time because they have been FREAKING expensive. The other issue is that the ‘industry standard’ GoPro HD makes you look like a total mongtard when you are wearing it.

Figure 1: How to look like a gaper mong!

So I really like the look of the cameras from Contour. They have recently announced the Contour ROAM which is their new budget camera at $199. But, this post isn’t about that new camera. It’s nice and all with more waterproofing that the original ContourHD, but, it lacks the 720p 60fps mode which I think is critical to nice footage in fast moving environments.

Instead this post is about the CountourHD; because it’s basically been replaced by these newer models it’s available super cheap. It supports full HD 1080p as well as the important 720p at 60fps mode.

Figure 2: How to not look like a gaper mong!

It can be had at Backcountry at the moment for about US$140 ( If you’ve been in the market I think this is the deal to snag! Shipping is a bit to New Zealand but it’s still waaay cheaper than buying locally. Particularly if you get a spare battery and a few other things in the same order and/or order with friends.

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