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 Thursday, 02 June 2011
Combining Files from Different Sports Watches using SportTracks

I awoke this morning to another great Ray Maker review, this time of the Polar RCX5. Now I have to admit a bit of a sports watch fetish, certainly nothing approach Ray, but I’ve still owned a bunch of Polar, Suunto and Garmin devices. I’ve pretty much settled on Garmin as they support the open(ish) ANT+ sensor platform, but, it’s not without challenges and as such I’ve recently been combining data from two watches.

Towards the end of Rays piece* he notes the issue with the RCX5 in that the desktop client basically spits the data as two separate files: a *.gpx for the Geo data and a *.hrm for the traditional polar biometrics and sensor data.

Ray says this

“For example, if you try and import into Sport Tracks, after selecting both files it simply sees them as two separate training entries – one using GPS data, and one using footpod data:”

Which is strange, because I do this all the time. Reason being is that the heart rate monitor that Garmin ship (the soft one) is a piece of turd. I ordered an older style strap from Garmin but they sent me the wrong one (an old FR301strap) which doesn’t bloody work. So, I am stuck using my Garmin 310XT for GPS + Footpod and my Polar s625x with the ever reliable analogue HRM and wearlink strap for HR.

Basically at the end of each workout I let the Garmin 310XT sync with Garmin Connect and I open Polar Personal Trainer and sync the s625x into that.

Then I can begin import into SportTracks. The trick is to import them in a two step process… I’ll use a worked example here which was my run/hike up Lynn Peak near Vancouver this past weekend.

I typically start by importing the Garmin *.fit file direct from the file system (it gets dumped out by the Garmin ANT Agent)


This should feel like a standard import.


Next I change to the Polar Folder and import the HRM file.


Now here is the trick. If you have the clocks on your watches correctly sync’d then SportTracks will typically pickup that the workouts overlap and automagically offer to ‘update’. In my case I didn’t because the olar Dual time doesn’t change the date. So instead I choose the radio button option to Update Existing Activity

Note that I have
1. Selected the radio button
2. Chosen my previously imported activity
3. Chose to import heart rate and elevation (the s625x has a *proper* altimeter which is a heap better than relying on GPS data from the 310XT)

And that’s really all there is to it folks- GPS data and running cadence from the Garmin and Heart Rate data and elevation off the Polar. While I don’t have an RCX5 to test with (feel free to send me one) this process should work just fine with a GPX file and an HRM file.


*Ray: As a quick ask would love to see the sections of your reviews with #Anchor tags so we can link direct to them.

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