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 Tuesday, 20 April 2010
Windows Azure Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet

I’ve mentioned this at a heap of sessions I’ve presented at and have never managed to get around to posting it.

So. Attached is my Windows Azure Pricing spreadsheet.

Pretty simple. has three worksheets.

  1. A simple Table storage calculator that determines the cost of table storage.
    This includes overhead calculation – i.e. what is the ration of name to value in your name/value pairs
    It also checks your key lengths fall within the 260 char URI limit and a few other things.
  2. A model of session state pricing.
    Basically shows that SQL Azure will typically be a cheaper option for Session state storage (or anything with little data on disk and high read/write counts).
  3. A detailed (very detailed) model of PhluffyPhotos.

For more detail please see my MIX10 session on Storage in Windows Azure Platform

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