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 Wednesday, 03 June 2009
Intercontinental The Lalit in Mumbai: It has a great gym

So I think that the Intercon Mumbai (The Lalit) has a pretty decent gym. A bunch of late model Technogym cardio and strength equipment. They also have free weights here and decent amounts of weight! Not sure if they have a squat rack though- don’t remember seeing one. Probably the best ‘in hotel’ gym I’ve been to this year. The Venetian and the Holiday Inn Issaquah both have access to great off site gyms: Canyon Ranch and Sammamish Club (checkout the cool Bing search results for it)

Had a hard cardio session today – Training Effect 4.4 on my Suunto t3c. I’m really getting to know how my body responds to exertion now. It’s really interesting working at anaerobic threshold because you can quite literally feel when your body has switched into aerobic mode: less puffing, high heart rate.

Booked in for a massage this afternoon at the hotel spa and then will probably have the day off tomorrow- or a VERY light spin.


49% of my workout today was in my top heart rate zone. So it really was a hard threshold workout!


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