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 Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Direct Connection with .NET Services (Azure Services Platform)

So one of the funky things about the .NET Services (was Biztalk serivces) part of Windows Azure is the Connectivity Service.

This makes it easier for WCF to communicate bidirectionally through NATs.

It works by initially working through the cloud hosted relay and then attempting to establish a direct connection. The direct connection approach is pretty cool.

Obviously if it’s inside the same subnet they just talk direct, but, if it’s punching through NAT devices it requires some differnet approaches.

The approach that Clemens et al have taken here is the idea of NAT Port Prediction. Basically it involes ‘guessing which ports will be opened outbound, firing a packet at roughly the same time between both ends of the connection and ‘hopefully’ snapping a socket open.

High level details are here:

Quite a cool approach, Clemens assures us that it’s used a bunch already by the likes of Live Messenger and others.

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