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 Thursday, 03 May 2007
.NET 3.5 - WCF Support of URI Based Access

So URI based services are super popular right now. REST/POX etc...

SOme great stuff coming in .NET 3.5 to do this really easily by basically allowing URI based access into WCF services. Includes things like the ability to push back raw binary data across the HTTP stream.

This allows .NET developers to QUICKLY do 'Webby' style web services.

All these bits are there to be played with in the Biztalk Services SDK. Basically they have branched off a good chunk of the new .NET 3.5 Beta 2 bits and shipped them in this SDK.

The blog to watch on this is Steve Maine- he's the PM for Web Access features in WCF.

There is more great stuff around this in the Biztalk Services SDK. Particularly ServiceModel.WebClient namespace. This is basically client side stuff for easily accessing URI based content.

SO the new web response has a generic GetBody method... so you can do

. At the moment the list of Types is bounded (any XML serializable type, stream, string, SyndicationSerializable type)... it's easy to subclass the type and then override GetBody<>.

It's all just syntactic sugar across HttpWebRequest so it works very similar in terms of resource usage (little) and auto prroxy config.

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