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 Tuesday, 01 May 2007
Mix 07 my best MSFT event ever.

So I'm pretty sure that this is the best MS event I've ever been to. 2nd place would be Mix from last year.

I've been to such a variety of sessions and I love the fact that there are non technical Busines Decsision Maker Sessions. I just got out of a great one where I sat next to Ade from TVNZ. It was a mixture of people from Coke Digital Strategy, ABC and Sandisk talking about online advertising and market perceptions thereof. Probably the best session yet- well worth downloading.

I've been to the MySpace sesion where they talked about how they scale out across almost 10,000 machines.

I've seen enough technology releases with Silerlight to excite me but not enough to bore me.

It's a great atmosphere with lots of non-MSFT traditional attendees here- lots of Mac Books around the place.

I'll definitely be back next year if they'll have me.



To show you ow kick ass this event is... Todays keynote has a roundtable and they have people as diverse as Andrew Rashbass who is the publisher of The Economist! Kick ass!

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