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 Wednesday, 07 February 2007
Gettin Fit
February 08

Ready, Steady, Go!

Right... so time for me to wriggle my ass and get fit again.

 Hvae bounced from 99kg (about 3kg over peak weight) mid last year to 111kg in the last 6 months- though have been up to 118kg about 3 years ago.

So I'm on the training wagon.

On the healthy eating wagon

On the getting fit wagon.

On the targetting specific skills on the bike and in the boat wagon.

Set some baseline details this morning….. 47 ml/kg/min… would have been better had I been closer to 100kg…. PMPO (Peak Maximum Power Output - Aerobic) was around 395 Watts. Max HR 185 BPM. According to the Cooper V02Max tables ( this is still regarded as ‘Excellent’… but I’m less convinced.

So here go some goals.

1.       2007 Karapoti Classic Sub 4.5hr (nice and easy to start)

2.       Compete in 12hr solo Moonride goal laps TBD

3.       By 1 Aug 2007 V02Max @ 55 ml/kg/min. PMPO 400 Watts.

4.       By 1 Aug 2007 1RM BarBell Bench Press 90kg.

5.       By 1 Aug 2007 5RM BarBell Squat 180kg

6.       By 1 Aug 2007 < 100kg bodyweight, < 13% Bodyfat

7.       Top ½ of field for Senior Mens PNP Series 2007

8.       By 1 Feb 2008 Comfortably ride the bottom set of dirt jumps @ CastleRock

9.       By 1 Feb 2008 Comfortably loop whitewater kayak in Kaituna Bottom Hole

10.   By 1 Feb 2008 Run Huka Falls @ 50 to 80 cumecs

11.   By 1 Feb 2008 V02Max @ 60ml/kg/l PMPO 415 Watts

12.   By 1 Feb 2008 1RM BB Bench Press > bodyweight

13.   By 1 Feb 2008 5RM BB Squat > 2 x Bodyweight

14.   By 1Feb 2008 < 96kg bodyweight, < 10% Bodyfat

15.   2008 Karapoti Classic sub 3.5hr

16.   Compete in indv 24hr section of Moonride 2008 goal laps TBD

To keep a log of how I’m going I’m gonna blog several times daily….


Gonna blog exercise, how I’m feeling and everything I shovel into my mouth for the next 12 months.

I’ll blog a screenshot of all my training sessions captured off my Polar Watch and a weeky summary of exercise/exertion.

Keen for any training tips or training partners. Will be riding MTB, Road Bike whitewater kayaking, running up big hills (wrights/Hawkins/Belmont  etc…) again. I go to Bodyworks Gym so if you train there I’d be keen to train with you- even keener if you want to join me training, eating well and blogging about it.


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