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 Tuesday, 23 May 2006
Booze, Bikes, BBQ and Dogfood....

OK... who's keen for a bit of a dogfood install fest this weekend?

We could combine some beers, a BBQ and some mountain biking for a cool afternoon.

Get a few people around to my house and we'll all go through and switch our machines from smelly old XP to shiny new Vista, all the while drinking fine New Zealand beer. Then while the installs are humming away we canall take off to Makara for a bit of Mountain Biking.

Anyone keen? Comment here of email me


OK. It'll be at my place from 1300hrs on Saturday.

We'll do some installing. Then do some mountainbiking.
Your bike
Your laptop PC
Your external HDD if you need to.
Your Office and Vista product keys so you can activate your Beta
A towel and a clean change of clothes (if going biking)
Some beer

We'll all go to the supermarket after the ride for some BBQ goodies and then we may watch the Super 14 final as well :-)


Takers so far

Nic Wise
Nick Head
Phil Cockfield
Chris Auld
Tim Haines (doing a VPC install)
Ivan Towlson (Office only)

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