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 Wednesday, 16 February 2005
Moving My Big Fat Ass..... Kayaking Kaituna River

Spent the weekend kayaking in Rotorua. Had a blast... been a while since I did much whitewater kayaking- I used to be a national representative and pretty competitive freestyle paddler, but work got in the way.

Caught up with one of my old friends Donald Calder who owns what has to be NZs best Kayak Shop- Sunspots Paddled the new Necky Orbit Fish which I reckon would be a KICK ASS boat on a wave, but probably a bit small for me in a hole, especially a little hole like that on the Kaituna. Thinking about a Jackson Super Star- had a sweet bottom hole session with Stephen Wright and Devon Barker from Jackson Kayak and Nat from Sunspots. Steve was throwing so many airloops it looked like childs play.

Defn. gonna get a bit more paddling under my belt this year. I wasn't actually too bad on the weekend- hit sweet lines on the main Kaituna Waterfall- first time I've run that river in over 4 years. And could still throw down half a dozen or so cartwheel ends with a split left to right.

Was fully clueless when they all started talking about Space Godzillas and Tricky Whu moves.

Also got out on my mountain bike last night for a good session down Signal Hill here in Dunners. Had to walk a couple of small sections and passed up on most of the big jumps and drop offs. But, still had a good time and it was sure better than watching TV.

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